Peter and Adelaide Condos | Peter & Adelaide Condos Development Team
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Peter & Adelaide Condos Development Team

Peter And Adelaide Condos in a condominium development by Graywood Developments in City of Toronto Entertainment District currently in pre-construction phase.
About Graywood Developments

The builder behind the Peter and Adelaide Condos project is a private investment management company, Graywood Developments. The Toronto-based company specializes in real estate property developments highlighting exceptional quality for their projects in the Canadian market. The name is also quite popular in the same niche but in other locations specifically outside North America and in the United States. Previous projects include Ocean Club, Five, The Mercer, and The Residences at Ritz-Carlton. The main focus of Graywood is in the acquisition of development sites, structuring, deal underwriting, and other salient aspects of the development management sector. Specific areas of focus include project design, marketing, sales, approvals, project financing, and construction management. The company’s major and primary investments are made through private funds as well as direct co-ownership. Partnership with other companies allows Graywood Developments to work with established names in the field of finance, pension plans, land ownership, and residential home builders.


About BBB Architects
BBB Architects Toronto Inc. (established as Brisbin Brook Beynon Architects) is a full service architectural firm specializing in master planning, architectural design, interior design and project management. With offices in Toronto and New York, the firm has made its mark on an international scale with designs that delight and inspire. BBB Architects is fortunate to include as its valued clients universities, government agencies, prominent financial institutions and major private sector development companies in North America, Europe and Asia. BBB Architects also has an international portfolio that includes sports and entertainment venues as well as hospitality, resorts, retail and commercial projects. The firm’s focus is on a collaborative design process that has successfully defined our clients’ needs and aspirations, and enhanced business plans and augment revenue generating capabilities and opportunities.


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Project Location: 350 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1R7

Builder Address: 200 KING STREET WEST, SUITE 1602, TORONTO, ON M5H 3T4

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